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Last Reviewed / Modified On 30 Nov 2017.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

Independent Adjusters are licensed in Minnesota.

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are licensed in Minnesota.

Public Adjuster Solicitor

Complete the Adjuster license application online at Sircon Licensing.

Crop Hail Adjuster

A Minnesota crop hail adjuster license is a limited license. The licensee may only act as an adjuster in regard to insurance policies against crop damage by hail. To adjust claims for crop damage from any other peril, including MPCI claims, you must get an independent or public adjuster license with the crop line of authority.

Catastrophe Adjuster

Minnesota offers temporary catastrophe adjusters licenses for a maximum of 180 days. Registration must take place within 5 days of beginning to adjust in the state.


  1. an attorney who:(A) adjusts insurance losses periodically and incidentally to the practice of law; and(B) does not represent that the attorney is an adjuster;
  2. a salaried employee of an insurer who is not regularly engaged in the adjustment, investigation, or supervision of insurance claims;
  3. a person employed only to furnish technical assistance to a licensed adjuster, including:(A) an attorney;(B) an engineer;(C) an estimator;(D) a handwriting expert;(E) a photographer; and(F) a private detective;
  4. an agent or general agent of an authorized insurer who processes an undisputed or uncontested loss for the insurer under a policy issued by the agent or general agent;
  5. a person who performs clerical duties and does not negotiate with parties to disputed or contested claims;
  6. a person who handles claims arising under life, accident, and health insurance policies;
  7. a person:(A) who is employed principally as:(i) a right-of-way agent; or(ii) a right-of-way and claims agent;(B) whose primary responsibility is the acquisition of easements, leases, permits, or other real property rights; and(C) who handles only claims arising out of operations under those easements, leases, permits, or other contracts or contractual obligations;
  8. an individual who is employed to investigate suspected fraudulent insurance claims but who does not adjust losses or determine claims payments;
  9. a public insurance adjuster licensed under Chapter 4102; or
  10. an individual who:(A) collects claim information from, or furnishes claim information to, an insured or claimant and enters data into an automated claims adjudication system; and(B) is employed by a licensed independent adjuster or its affiliate under circumstances in which no more than 25 individuals performing duties described by Paragraph (A) are supervised by a single licensed independent adjuster or a single licensed agent. A nonresident adjuster is not required to hold a license under this chapter to:(1) adjust a single loss in this state;(2) adjust losses arising out of a catastrophe common to all those losses; or(3) act as a temporary substitute for a licensed adjuster.
    For purposes of Subsection (a)(6), claims arising under workers' compensation insurance policies, including claims relating to services provided through a certified workers' compensation health care network authorized under Chapter 1305, do not constitute claims arising under life, accident, or health insurance policies.
    A licensed agent acting as a supervisor under Subsection (a)(10) is not required to be licensed as an adjuster.
    Temporary exemption: An individual who is undergoing training as an adjuster under the supervision of a licensed adjuster may act as an adjuster for a period not to exceed 12 months without having a license issued under this chapter if, at the beginning of the period, the individual has been registered with the commissioner as a trainee.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed Minnesota insurance adjuster, individuals must:
  • Be 18 years of age or more;
  • Applicant must provide a valid business email.
  • Be competent and trustworthy;
  • Amendments are allowed if applicant has an active state resident license. Applicant may only amend for lines of authority (LOAs) not already active.
  • Not have been involved in any activity that would cause license removal or suspension for three years before application.
  • Minnesota offers temporary catastrophe adjusters licenses for a maximum of 180 days. Registration must take place within 5 days of beginning to adjust in the state.A catastrophe adjusters license is active for six (6) months. Catastrophe adjusters may extend their license for an additional six (6) months if done so before the end of the first six (6) months.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Minnesota grants licensure to non-resident applicants holding their resident adjuster license or, if hailing from a state with no licensing requirements, a license from another state (e.g. a resident of Illinois holding a designated home state Texas adjuster license).

Reciprocity with Texas license

Reciprocal with Texas License? Yes.

Application by means of reciprocity for a Minnesota license must include one's test score from a state exam (scores from pre-licensing courses are not applicable)..

Pre Licensing Education

Residents must pass the state exam before licensure. Non-residents holding a license in their home state can obtain the Minnesota license reciprocally.

Bond Requirement

Requires Adjuster Bond.
Type of Adjuster: Public Adjusters
Amount: $10,000
Bond Expiration information: October 31st every two years
Link to Forms:

How to Apply

  • Complete the Minnesota Adjuster Application via Sircon or NIPR;
  • Application fee of $90.00;
  • Certification that the Minnesota state exam has been passed (this will be submitted electronically by the License Exam Administrator)
  • Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically for Non- Resident adjusters.
  • Adjusters who have subscribed CLM can apply through CLM Tracker.

Maintaining Your License


The adjuster license is a 2 year license and expires on Oct. 31st. Renew your license through Sircon or subscribe CLM Tracker to renew the licenses via CLM. Minnesota resident adjusters can take advantage of a new, web-based personal compliance tool, ProducerEDGE. This service is available at no extra charge. Some easy and convenient features include:
  • Quick Links: Apply, renew and print your licenses from any or all 50 states in one convenient location.
  • My Licenses: View every license you hold, see your license numbers, types, lines of authority and expirations.
  • My Reminders: Receive automatic renewal reminders and status update notices to help you keep compliant.

Continuing Education

24 Hours Continuing Education will be required of adjusters. Three of those hours must be in Ethics.
Adjusters who are CLM subscribers can track CE credits via CLM Tracker.

License Termination or Lapse

The following license classes with the status reason of failure to renew or suspended for education may reinstate their inactive license up to one (1) year past their expiration date:

  • Independent adjuster

  • Public adjuster

The following license classes with a status reason of failure to renew may reinstate their inactive license up to one (1) year past their expiration date:

  • Crop hail adjuster

  • Public adjuster solicitor


Licensing Fee$50.00 + Tech Fee(Technology fee - The 2007 legislature passed a provision that requires many applicants for licensure and current licensees to pay up to a $15.00 fee to cover the costs associated with implementing the Department's electronic licensing systems. )
Catastrophe License Fee$20
Exam Fee$25
Crop and Hail License Fee$50
Fingerprinting Fee$48.75


85 7th Place East, Suite 500, St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 296-6319, Phone: (517) 381-3860 (Sircon Licensing) Fax: (651) 284-4107
Email: General inquiries -, PreLicensing and CE


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