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Last Reviewed / Modified On 01 Dec 2017.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

Independent Adjusters are licensed in Wyoming.
License type: Individual
Adjuster Firms are not licensed in Wyoming.

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are regulated by the State of Wyoming.
License type: Individual
Adjuster Firms are not licensed in Wyoming.

Staff Adjuster

The Wyoming Insurance Department does not distinguish between adjusters on staff of an insurer and independent adjusters for licensing purposes.

Emergency Adjuster

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 26-9-219(c), a Wyoming adjuster’s license is required unless the loss is of an unusual, uncommon or unique nature requiring special expertise or knowledge not readily available among adjusters licensed in this state, or for the adjustment of a series of losses resulting from a catastrophe common to those losses. This form may be used to register emergency adjusters who will be employed by an insurer in the state of Wyoming for a time frame of 90 days. This form is not an application for a permanent adjuster license.


An attorney-at-law who is licensed to practice law in Wyoming.
A licensed producer who adjusts or assists in adjustment of losses arising under policies issued through that producer.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed Wyoming insurance adjuster, individuals must:
Be 18 years of age or more.
Be trustworthy and of good reputation.
Fulfill one of the following three qualifications: Have had experience, special education, or training in the handling of loss claims under insurance contracts of sufficient duration and extent to make the applicant competent in fulfilling the duties of an adjuster
Be a graduate of a recognized (ABA Accredited) law school
Be a full-time, salaried employee of a licensed adjuster.
Maintain an office accessible to the public, with usual and customary records (can be electronic). Pass the Wyoming licensing exam and submit fingerprints (if a resident or a non-resident designating Wyoming as home state).
The Department does not distinguish between adjusters on staff of an insurer and independent adjusters for licensing purposes.
Residents are exempt from resident licensing if they are an attorney-at-law who is licensed to practice law in Wyoming or a licensed producer who adjusts or assists in adjusterment of losses arising under policies issued through that producer.
The State of Wyoming defines an adjuster as "any individual who: for compensation as an independent contractor, or as the employee of an independent contractor, or as a salaried employee of an insurer, or for fee or commission, on behalf of insurer, investigates and negotiates settlement of claims arising under insurance contracts."

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Wyoming grants reciprocity with most other states' licenses, provided the applicant is licensed in his or her state of residence.
For those who hold DHS licenses in particular, the designated home state must require non-resident adjusters to:
Successfully complete an adjuster examination, and
Submit background report or fingerprints, and
Complete twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education during each licensing period.

Reciprocity with Texas license

Reciprocal with Texas.You must hold a resident license somewhere in order to enjoy reciprocity in Wyoming. .

Pre Licensing Education

Residents of Wyoming must pass the Pearson VUE Adjuster Exam before being licensed. Non-residents are eligible for immediate licensing provided they hold a license in their home state or in a designated “home state.” Residents of states that do not license adjusters may also choose to designate Wyoming as their home state and fulfill the same exam and CE requirements as resident applicants.

Bond Requirement

Adjuster Bond not required for Licensing.

How to Apply

Exam is administered by Pearson VUE.
Resident Applicants and Non-resident Applicants designating Wyoming as their home state: Pass the Wyoming General Lines (All-Lines) or Crop Hail licensing exam, prior to submitting application to the government.
Send a completed Uniform Application for Individual Adjuster License and $100 Adjuster License Fee. Submit fingerprints: Upon receipt of licensing application and appropriate fees, the Department will send a fingerprint packet to the applicant.
Instructions, cards and return envelopes will be included in the packet.
Make arrangements with local law enforcement to obtain fingerprints.
Applicants must use the fingerprint cards provided by the Department.
The Insurance Department will obtain the criminal history report from DCI.
Non-resident Applicants licensed in their home state must send in: Wyoming Uniform Application for Individual Adjuster License, $100 Adjuster License Fee.
CLM users can apply through CLM Tracker

Maintaining Your License


This is a two-year license that expires on the last day of the licensee’s birth month.
Renewal invoices will be mailed at least 60 days prior to the license expiration.

Continuing Education

Residents and non-residents who designate Wyoming as their home state must complete 24 continuing education credit hours during a two year licensing period, 3 of which must be approved as ethics courses.
Insurance company sponsored hours may not exceed 12 credit hours.
A course may not be repeated during the two year licensing period.
Excess credit hours do not carry forward into the next licensing period.
For CE reporting information, visit the Wyoming Insurance Department website.
CE filing must be received prior to the expiration of the license. There is no grace period for license renewal or continuing education filings. If you fail to complete and report the continuing education by the expiration date of your license, the license will lapse.
License renewal can be done on-line through Sircon.

NOTE: CLM Tracker subscribed users can track CE credits and renew the licenses via CLM.

License Termination or Lapse

No specific rules are found.


Initial Licensing Application Fee$100
Criminal Record History Check Fee$39
Non-resident Renewal Fee $150
Resident Renewal Fee $100
Continuing Education Reporting Fee$30
Fingerprinting Fee $39


Wyoming Insurance Department, 106 East 6th Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7401 or (800) 438-7568, Fax: (307) 777-2446,


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