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Last Reviewed / Modified On 18 Sep 2017.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

"Independent Adjuster” means an adjuster representing the interests of the insurer. Independent Adjusters are licensed in Washington.
License Type: Individual and Business Entity

Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster means an adjuster employed by and representing solely the financial interests of the insured named in the policy. Public Adjusters are licensed in Washington.
License Type: Individual and Business Entity

Crop Adjuster

The commissioner may issue a crop adjuster license.
License Type: Individual

Company Adjuster

Company Adjusters are not licensed in Washington


An attorney-at-law who adjusts insurance losses from time to time incidental to the practice of his or her profession, or an adjuster of marine losses, or a salaried employee of an insurer or of a managing general agent is not deemed to be an adjuster.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed Washington insurance adjuster, individuals must:
Be 18 years of age or more.
Be trustworthy and competent.
If a resident of Washington, meet one of the following experience or education criteria:12 consecutive months of experience as a full-time salaried employee of an insurer or a general agent, adjusting, investigating, or reporting claims arising under insurance contracts. You will have to submit a statement from your employer verifying this employment. Applicants who meet this requirement are exempt from examination.
Successful completion of the Associate in Claims (AIC) program.
Adjuster Trainee Program. Your employer must notify the Washington Insurance Department that you are beginning the Trainee program, and the program must meet certain criteria.
All residents (except those with one year of experience) must take the Washington exam administered by Pearson VUE.
Submit fingerprints (residents only).
The following applicants may be licensed reciprocally and do not need the Washington exam:
Non-residents who hold an adjuster license by examination in their home state;
Non-residents whose home state does not license adjusters, but who passed an examination for an adjuster license in another state.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Washington will grant non-resident licenses to applicants who hold a resident license by examination in their home state, as long as that state in turn grants non-resident licenses to Washington residents. If a non-resident’s home state does not license adjusters or does not require an exam, the applicant may designate, for licensing purposes, a “home state” in which they hold an adjuster license by examination. If you do not hold a resident license in any state, you will have to take the Washington exam..

Reciprocity with Texas license

Reciprocal with Texas License? Yes.

You must hold a resident license somewhere in order to enjoy reciprocity through your Texas license in Washington.

Pre Licensing Education

The state of Washington licenses residents who have passed the state exam, administered by Pearson VUE. Non-residents are exempt from this requirement if they hold an adjuster license by examination in their resident state, or, if their resident state does not license adjusters, in any other state that requires an examination.

Bond Requirement

Requires Adjuster Bond.
Type of Adjuster: Public Adjusters
Amount: $5,000
Bond Expiration information: Filing date anniversary every 2 years

How to Apply

For Residents:
  • Meet the experience or education requirement.
  • Schedule and pass your exam.
  • Apply online through the OIC Licensing ServicesHave your proof of experience and exam score report ready. You'll need to attach them electronically or mail them in.
  • Submit fingerprints. You may request a blank fingerprint card here. (Electronically taken prints, as as long as they are printed on a hard-copy fingerprint card, will be accepted.)
  • E-fingerprinting is now available and is the preferred way to submit fingerprints
  • Get your fingerprints taken at your local law enforcement agency of if you are a resident through Pearson VUE exam sites. For more information, or to schedule a reservation, call Morpho Trust (previously L-1 Services) at 888-771-5097.
  • Please send your card via regular mail to: Attn: Licensing, Office of the Insurance Commissioner, P.O. Box 40257, Olympia, WA 98504-0257.
  • Coming late summer or early fall of 2012, e-fingerprinting services will be available.
    For Non-Residents:
  • Apply online, either through the OIC Licensing Services or through NIPR:
  • Fingerprinting is no longer required for non-resident applicants.

Maintaining Your License


This is a 2-year license.

To renew your license, you'll need to complete your renewal application and pay renewal fees online. Renewal applications are available no sooner than 60 days prior to your license-expiry date and no later than 60 calendar days following your license-expiry date.A complimentary email reminder is sent to the registered email address on record 60 days prior to your license-expiry date. No additional renewal reminders will be sent.If a license is not renewed within the 60 days following the expiry date, a complimentary email notice is sent to the registered email address on record to notify the licensee that the license can no longer be renewed. It is the responsibility of the licensee to know their license-expiry date. Reminders from our office are merely a courtesy.

Online renewals through NIPR are available only for non-resident licensees starting 60 days prior to their expiry date up until 10 days before their expiry date. Late renewals are not possible via the NIPR online system, and can only be processed through state-specific site.

Continuing Education

There is no continuing education requirement for Washington Adjusters.

License Termination or Lapse

No specific rules are found.


Filing Fee$5
License Fee$50
Fingerprint Processing Fee (background check for residents only)For e-fingerprinting: $32.50. (This fee will be paid to MorphoTrust at the time they collect your e-fingerprints). For a hard-copy card: $42.50. (If you submit a hard-copy card, you'll also need to include this fee, payable to Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner).
Renewal Fee$50


Attn: Licensing, Office of Insurance Commissioner, P. O. Box 40257, Olympia, WA 98504-0257
For overnight mail: 5000 Capitol Blvd. SE, Tumwater, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 725-7144, Fax: (360) 586-2019,


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