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Last Reviewed / Modified On 04 Dec 2017.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

       Independent Adjusters are required to have a license in Oregon.
Apprentice Adjuster License is issues for 12 months.
•       General Lines
•       Health
•       Crop

Public Adjuster

       A license is required for Public Adjusters in Oregon.

Staff Adjuster

Staff adjusters are not required to hold a license in Oregon.


To facilitate the settlement of claims under insurance policies when there is widespread property loss in this state arising out of a catastrophe, the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services may issue a temporary permit to any person authorized in another state to adjust losses claimed under insurance policies to act as an adjuster in the catastrophe area for or against an authorized insurer. A temporary permit issued pursuant to this section shall be effective for such time as the director determines necessary and shall be in lieu of the license and fee requirements otherwise applicable. Application form is available at


(1) A licensed resident insurance producer or salaried employee or officer of an authorized insurer may adjust and settle losses for the insurer that the insurance producer, employee or officer represents, without obtaining an adjusters license.
(2) A person may make one adjustment before obtaining an adjusters license if the person applies for the license within two days after entering upon the adjustment, and in all other respects complies with the provisions of this chapter governing adjusters.
(3) A person holding a temporary permit under ORS 744.555(Temporary adjuster permit) may perform acts authorized under ORS 744.555 (Temporary adjuster permit) without obtaining an adjusters license.
(4)Any average adjuster or adjuster of maritime losses may adjust maritime losses without obtaining an adjusters license.
(5) A person may perform or provide repair or replacement service under home protection insurance without obtaining an adjusters license.
(6)(a) An individual may act as an adjuster without obtaining an adjusters license if the individual:
(A) Collects claim information from, or furnishes claim information to, insureds or claimants, and conducts data entry, including entry of data into an automated claims adjudication system; and (B) Is an employee of a licensed adjuster, or its affiliate, where no more than 25 such individuals are under the supervision of one licensed adjuster or one licensed insurance producer.
(b) A licensed insurance producer acting as a supervisor as described in paragraph (a) of this subsection is not required to obtain an adjusters license.
(7) As used in this section:
(a) Automated claims adjudication system means a preprogrammed computer system designed for the collection, data entry, calculation and final resolution of portable electronics insurance claims that: (A) Is utilized only by a licensed adjuster, licensed insurance producer or individuals supervised by a licensed adjuster or licensed insurance producer; and
(B) Is compliant with all requirements of the Insurance Code.
(b) Portable electronics means an electronics device that is portable and includes accessories and services related to the use of the device.
(c) Portable electronics insurance means insurance that provides coverage for the repair or replacement of portable electronics in the event of loss, theft, mechanical failure, malfunction, damage or need for repair or replacement as a result of some other covered source of peril but does not include:
(A)A service contract as described in ORS 646A.154 (Service contract defined) that is subject to the
provisions of ORS 646A.150 (Applicability of ORS 646A.150 to 646A.172) to 646A.172 (Rules);
(B) A warranty;
(C) A maintenance agreement as defined in ORS 646A.152(Definitions for ORS 646A.150 to 646A.172); or
(D) A policy of insurance covering the obligations of a vendor or of a portable electronics manufacturer
under a warranty. [1967 c.359 §560; 1971 c.231 §33; 1981 c.247 §19; 1983 c.76 §11; 1989 c.701 §44;
2003 c.364 §122; 2011 c.408 §1]

Licensing Requirements


Oregon grants Adjuster licenses to both residents and non-residents above 18 years of age. Applicants must disclose any felony or misdemeanor conviction. If the applicant is an individual, the applicant must establish a residence or place of transacting insurance business in this state prior to filing an application. If the applicant is a firm or corporation, the applicant must establish an office in this state that employs an individual licensed adjuster.

If a licensed independent adjuster is employed or contracted by a licensed adjusting firm or corporation, a Notice of Affiliation (Form 440-2139) must be filed with the Division within 30 days.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Residents of states that award non-resident adjuster licenses to residents of Oregon are eligible to apply for Non-Resident adjuster license in Oregon on reciprocal basis.

Pre Licensing Training

No Pre Licensing training is required in Oregon.

Licensing Exam

Residents and Non Residents will need to take Oregon Pre-Licensing Exam. Examination Requirement shall not apply to an applicant who is licensed as an independent adjuster in another state that licenses adjusters of Oregon State without examination.

Schedule exam at

Bond Requirement

Adjuster Bond not required for Licensing.

How to Apply

Residents and Non-Residents can apply online via NIPR and CLM users can apply through CLM Tracker.
Non Resident adjusters may reapply after two (2) years of expiration date. If within renewal/reinstatement period, applicant must use NIPR Application (NRAR) and CLM Tracker.

Maintaining Your License

License Period

The license of an individual expires biennially in the month of the individual’s birthday anniversary. The license of a person other than an individual expires on the last day of the month in which the second anniversary of the initial issuance date occurs. Thereafter, the license of a person other than an individual shall expire on the second anniversary following each renewal.


Adjusters may late renew an expired license:

  • up to two (2) years after expiration date.
  • if status reason is "expired".

Adjusters may attempt to renew again after the two (2) year expiration date. If within renewal/reinstatement period, applicant must use NIPR Application (NRAR). CLM Tracker subscribed users can renew the licenses via CLM.

Continuing Education

There are no continuing education requirements in Oregon.


License FeeInitial license: $30, plus $45 license fee.
Renewal Fee$45
Late Fee $45 penalty is due
Reinstatement fees
Exam Fees$45
Other FeesFingerprinting Fee $59.50(Includes state fee of $44.50 and PSI processing fee of $15/-)


DCBS - Insurance Division
350 Winter St NE
Salem, OR 97301 – 3883

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