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Last Reviewed / Modified On 01 Dec 2017.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

Independent Adjusters are licensed in Georgia.

Public Adjuster

"Public adjuster" means any person who solicits, advertises for, or otherwise agrees to represent only a person who is insured under a policy covering fire, windstorm, water damage, and other physical damage to real and personal property other than vehicles licensed for the road, and any such representation shall be limited to the settlement of a claim or claims under the policy for damages to real and personal property, including related loss of income and living expense losses but excluding claims arising out of any motor vehicle accident. Public adjusters are licensed in Georgia

Crop Hail Adjuster

Crop Hail Adjuster licenses are issued in Georgia.

Workers Compensation Adjuster

Workers’ Compensation Adjuster Licenses are issued in Georgia.

Staff Adjusters

Each Insurer having salaried employees, who adjust claims on a regular basis in the State of Georgia, wherever such employees are located, shall upload a list of such employees with the Commissioner annually by March 31. The upload is accessed by the insurer via the company portal.


The term "adjuster" does not include: (A) Individuals who adjust claims arising under contracts of life or marine insurance or annuities; or (B) An agent or a salaried employee of an agent or a salaried employee of an insurer who adjusts or assists in adjusting losses under policies issued by such agent or insurer.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed Georgia insurance adjuster, individuals must:
  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Complete a Designated 40 Hour PreLicensing Course.
  • There must be no serious RIRS actions or SAD actions for the applicant. Please contact the state for additional information, if applicable.
  • Employment history is required for all individual applicants for the past five (5) years contiguously with no gaps to current date. This includes full and part-time work, self-employment, military service, unemployment and full-time education.
  • Applicant must provide a valid mailing address and business address. P.O Boxes are not allowed. Applicant must provide a valid mailing and business address. The business address must be in the state of Georgia
  • For Resident adjusters,beginning January 1st, 2012, the Georgia Department of Insurance requires every applicant to verify proof of lawful presence in the United States by submitting the following documents along with the application:
  • A signed and notarized copy of a Citizenship Affidavit Form; and a copy of one secure and verifiable identification document.
  • The following licenses types are required to take examinations prior to applying for Georgia resident license:
    1) Agent-residents
    2) Surplus lines
    3) Adjusters
    4) Limited counselors-health
    These application will be deferred to the state for verification of exams and scores.
  • Applicants for the variable line of authority (LOA) must supply FINRA CRD number on application and hold or apply for life within the same application.

  • Pass the Georgia Adjuster Exam. Waiver of Prelicensing course and examination can be granted if applicant was previously licensed for same lines in prior home state; license in that state must be active at the time of moving to Georgia, applicant must attach original clearance letter from prior home state and must apply for licensure within 90 days of the date of the move to Georgia. Waiver of Prelicensing course and examination can be granted if applicant holds CPCU designation. Must attach copy of CPCU designation to application
  • Complete form GID-103.
  • Submit payment of $115.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Georgia grants licensing privileges to those adjusters licensed in their home state or designated home state.

Reciprocity with Texas license

Reciprocal with Texas License? Yes.

Pre Licensing Education

Resident adjuster applicants must take a 40 hour P&C pre-licensing course and pass an exam. Non-residents holding an adjuster license in their home state can obtain a Georgia license through reciprocity. Non-residents that live in states not licensing adjusters must pass the Georgia Adjuster Examination to qualify for licensure.

Bond Requirement

Requires Adjuster Bond.
Type of Adjuster: Public Adjusters
Amount: $5,000
Bond Expiration information: Anniversary of your filing date every year
Link to Forms:

How to Apply

Resident must:

  • Apply online via NIPR/Sircon. CLM users can apply through CLM Tracker.
  • Complete the PreLicensing Course (mentioned above) and Adjuster Exam.
  • Complete application form GID103.
  • Application fee of $65 must be included with application.
  • Complete Electronic Fingerprinting. Click for more information.
    NOTE: Waiver of examination can be granted if applicant holds CPCU designation. Further, the exam requirement for residents can be waived if applicant was licensed for the same lines in their prior home state. The license in that state, however, must be active at the time of moving to Georgia and the applicant must submit a letter of clearance from their home state. They must apply within 90 days of moving to Georgia.
  • When registering for your state exam, have a copy of your certificate of completion from class handy. Your certificate of completion is available under 'Achievements' in your online classroom. Bring your certificate of completion to the test center with you when you go.
    Non-residents must:
  • Apply online via NIPR/sircon. CLM users can apply through CLM Tracker.
  • Complete the Nonresident Uniform Application for Individual Producer.
  • Submit proof of home state licensure for license type requested; proof may be in form of an Original certification letter dated within 90 days from resident state or PDB printout.
  • Application fee of $115 must be included with application.
  • If you are from a state that does not have a license requirement, you may still be licensed in Georgia, however, you must take the Georgia Adjuster Examination to qualify.
  • Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically.

Maintaining Your License


Resident :
  • Starting in 2012, this license is good for two years, and expires on the last day of your birthday month.
  • It can be renewed electronically through NIPR/Sircon. CLM Tracker subscribed users can renew the licenses via CLM.
  • Renewal Period begins Sixty (60) days prior to expiration date.ends on November 21st.
  • Late renewal period begins 1 day past expiration date through the 15th day past expiration date.
  • Georgia does not allow partial renewal. Contact the state for further instructions if not renewing all LOAs on license.
  • Applicant must provide a residence address. P.O. Boxes are not allowed.

Non - Resident :

  • Renewal begins Sixty (60) days prior to expiration date, ends on expiration date.
  • Sixteen (16) days after license expiration, all individuals must reinstate through NIPR's Non-Resident Adjuster License (NRAL) Application.
  • Non resident Adjusters who have subscribed CLM can renew through CLM Tracker.
  • Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically.
  • Reinstatement (new licenses) applications are allowed even if an inactive license is held.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education requirements for residents only.
  • Continuing education requirements must be completed biennially on or before the last day of the licensee’s birth month.
  • Credit will not be given for the same Continuing Education Course taken multiple times within the same CE reporting period.
  • Credit for continuing education earned in one filing period in excess of the hours required may be carried forward to the next filing period, provided that credit carried forward shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of biennial continuing education requirement
  • Resident licensees with less than 20 years service = 24 hours (3 hours must be in ethics)
  • Resident licensees with more than 20 years service = 20 hours (3 hours must be in ethics)
  • Workers Compensation Adjuster Only = 20 hours of approved CE thru WC Board - (no ethics requirement)
  • Newly licensed person = Pre-licensing course can stand for first year's CE credit. Submit pre-licensing certificate with renewal.
  • CLM Tracker subscribed users can track CE credits via CLM.
  • The Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commission, Pearson Vue, and Sircon have a new service called ProducerEDGE. Use ProducerEDGE to apply, renew, and manage your license. Click here to create a free account.

  • All licensees need to submit a notarized Citizenship Affidavit Form (GID-276-EN) attesting to either United States Citizenship of lawful presence
  • Resident licensees are restricted from repeating the same CE courses in the same renewal filing period.

License Termination or Lapse

If license is expired, applicant must apply as a new applicant through NIPR's Non-Resident Adjuster License (NRAL) Application


Application & License Fee$115
Georgia Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course$199
Georgia Exam fee$90
Renewal Fee$100
Late Renewal Fee$115


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