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Last Reviewed / Modified On 29 Nov 2017.


License Types

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjusters are licensed in South Carolina.

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are licensed in South Carolina.

Adjusters represent companies

Adjusters are declared to be acting as the agents for the company or companies represented by them in the adjustment of any loss.

Emergency Adjuster

In the event of a catastrophe in which the normal supply of licensed South Carolina adjusters is not enough to handle the amount of claims filed, licensed insurers may appoint emergency adjusters with a 120 day temporary license.


The following individuals are exempt from licensure as an adjuster:
(1) A producer licensed under Chapter 43.
(2) An individual who, for portable electronics insurance, collects claim information from, or furnishes claim information to, insureds or claimants and who conducts data entry, including entering data into an automated claims adjudication system, provided that no more than twenty-five such persons are under the supervision of a licensed adjuster or a licensed producer who is otherwise exempt from licensure pursuant to paragraph (1).
(C) For purposes of this section, "automated claims adjudication system" means a preprogrammed computer system designed for the collection, data entry, calculation, and final resolution of portable electronics insurance claims that:
(1) only may be used by a licensed adjuster, licensed producer, or supervised individuals operating pursuant to this paragraph;
(2) must comply with all claims payment requirements of the insurance code; and
(3) must be certified as compliant with this section by a licensed independent adjuster who is an officer of the entity or an affiliate of the entity that employs an individual operating pursuant to this section.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed South Carolina insurance adjuster, individuals must:
Be 18 years of age or more.
South Carolina residents and applicants not licensed in a state requiring an exam must take the South Carolina exam.
Non-resident applicants who are licensed in a state that requires an exam are exempt from taking the South Carolina exam.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

South Carolina will grant reciprocal licensing privileges to an applicant who holds an adjuster license by exam in their home state. If an applicant’s home state does not require an exam, then the applicant can qualify with an adjuster license from another state, as long as they passed an exam for that license

Reciprocity with Texas license

Reciprocal with Texas License? Yes.

You must hold a resident license from your state of residence, provided your state has adjuster licensing requirements. Residents of states without licensing requirements who hold a Texas non-resident license enjoy reciprocity with South Carolina

Pre Licensing Education

The state of South Carolina waives it's examination requirement for non-resident adjusters holding a license in a state that requires examination. All others, including residents of South Carolina, must take the state test.

Bond Requirement

Adjuster Bond not required for Licensing.

How to Apply

Paper Renewal
Resident Adjusters
Complete the application for adjuster license, Form 3515

  • The license fee is $80. The fee is not pro-rated and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Provide the original South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) report.
  • The original exam report from PSI showing the applicant has passed the adjuster examination. This certificate expires 12 months after issuance. Contact PSI directly at 800-733-9267 to register for the state licensing exam. View exam content outlines.
  • Letter of Clearance: If the license status cannot be verified on the State Producer Licensing Database (SPLD), a letter of clearance, less than six months old, is required if the applicant was previously licensed as a resident adjuster in another state.

Non- Resident adjusters

Complete the application for adjuster license, Form 3515.

  • The license fee is $80. If you are a resident of a state that charges a fee in excess of $80, your resident state fee will be assessed since fees are retaliatory under South Carolina Law.
  • Examples of retaliatory fees are: North Carolina - $175 Georgia - $115
  • Provide certification from the applicant's resident Department of Insurance. If the license status cannot be verified on the SPLD, a letter of certification from the home state must be submitted. The certificate must show the applicant is licensed in their home state as an adjuster and that an adjuster examination has been passed. If the applicant's home state does not require an adjuster examination, then a certificate can be used from another state where the applicant is licensed and has taken and passed an adjuster examination. If the above cannot be provided, then the applicant will be required to pass South Carolina's adjuster examination. Registration for South Carolina's adjuster examination is done through PSI Services LLC. Contact PSI directly at 800-733-9267. View exam content outlines.

Resident and Non-Resident adjusters can apply online via NIPR and CLM Tracker.

Maintaining Your License


Adjuster licenses are renewed in August of odd numbered years. The fee is $80 unless you are a resident of a state that charges a fee in excess of $80, since fees are retaliatory under South Carolina Law. For example, the fee for Georgia residents is $100. The fee for North Carolina residents is $150.
If adjuster license is issued on, or after, January 31st of the current odd year, the license does not need to be renewed for the current renewal period. If public adjuster license is issued on, or after, April 2nd of the current even year, the license does not need to be renewed for the current renewal period. Beginning September 1st of the odd year, if adjuster license was not renewed, adjuster must reinstate their license directly through the state.
CLM Tracker subscribed users can renew the licenses via CLM.

Continuing Education

No Continuing Education is required.

License Termination or Lapse

Late renewals are not allowed for the adjuster license classes. If renewal is not completed within the renewal period, the agent must reinstate the license directly through the South Carolina DOI.


Resident Licensing & Application Fee$80
Non-Resident Licensing & Application Fee$80 or the Licensing Fee of the applicant’s home state, whichever is greater.
License Renewal Fee $80 for residents, non-residents must submit an amount equal to the renewal fee for their home state, if that amount is less than $80 then they must submit $80.
SLED Report fee (Residents only):$25
Exam Fee $45


South Carolina Insurance Department,
1201 Main Street, Suite 1000,
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 737-6095, Fax: (803) 737-6100,

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