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Last Reviewed / Modified On 15 Jan 2020.


License Types

Independent Adjuster

Independent Adjusters are licensed in Nevada.

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters are licensed in Nevada.

Associate Adjuster

"Associate adjuster" means an employee of an adjuster who, under the direct supervision of the adjuster, assists in the investigation and settlement of insurance losses on behalf of his or her employer.


No license shall be required of a non-resident salaried adjuster or independent adjuster for the adjustment in this state of one or more losses arising out of a catastrophe common to all such losses where such losses are designated to be a catastrophe by responsible insurance associations or the Commissioner.


(a) An associate adjuster, as defined in NRS 684A.030;
(b) An attorney at law who adjusts insurance losses from time to time incidental to the practice of his or her profession;
(c) An adjuster of ocean marine losses;
(d) A salaried employee of an insurer;
(e) A salaried employee of a managing general agent maintaining an underwriting office in this state;
(f) An employee of an independent adjuster or an employee of an affiliate of an independent adjuster who is one of not more than 25 such employees under the supervision of an independent adjuster or licensed agent and who:
(1) Collects information relating to a claim for coverage arising under an insurance contract from or furnishes such information to an insured or a claimant; and
(2) Conducts data entry, including, without limitation, entering data into an automated claims adjudication system;
(g) A licensed agent who supervises not more than 25 employees described in paragraph (f);
(h) A person who is employed only to collect factual information concerning a claim for coverage arising under an insurance contract;
(i) A person who is employed only to provide technical assistance to an independent adjuster;
(j) A person who is employed to investigate suspected fraudulent claims for coverage arising under an insurance contract but who does not adjust losses or determine the payment of claims;
(k) A person who performs only executive, administrative, managerial or clerical duties, or any combination thereof, but does not investigate or settle claims for coverage arising under an insurance contract;
(l) A licensed health care provider or any employee thereof who provides managed care services if those services do not include the determination of compensability;
(m) A managed care organization or any employee thereof or an organization that provides managed care services or any employee thereof if the services provided do not include the determination of compensability;
(n) A person who settles only reinsurance or subrogation claims;
(o) A broker, agent or representative of a risk retention group;
(p) An attorney-in-fact of a reciprocal insurer; or
(q) A manager of a branch office of an alien insurer that is located in the United States, is not considered an adjuster.

Licensing Requirements


To become a licensed Nevada insurance adjuster, individuals must:
  • Be 18 years of age or more.
  • Submit fingerprints.
  • Be a resident of Nevada for 90 days prior to submission of application.
  • Have 2 years (within the last 5 years) experience handling and adjusting claims.
  • Successfully passed the state insurance exam in the line of authority in which you are applying.
  • Those wishing to become an Associate Adjuster must be 18 years of age or older and is named to the license of a resident adjuster. There is no exam required for associate adjusters.

Reciprocity and Non Residents

Nevada does not grant licenses reciprocally. Non-residents wishing to act as adjusters in Nevada must be licensed as ÔÇťassociate adjusters."

Pre Licensing Education

Nevada residents must have 2 years experience in claims handling and/or adjusting before being eligible for an independent adjuster license.

How to Apply

Resident and Non-Resident adjusters apply online via Sircon or NIPR.
Resident and Non-Resident adjusters who are CLM users can apply through CLM Tracker.

Maintaining Your License


Each license issued continues in force for 3 years unless it is suspended, revoked or otherwise terminated. Residents may renew their licenses online by visiting or NIPR. CLM Tracker subscribed users can renew the licenses via CLM. Accepts Adjuster Designated Home State (ADHS) electronically.There is a late renewal period of 30 days after expiration date.

Continuing Education

During the license term, each adjuster must complete 24 hours of education. Three (3) of the 24 hours must be in ethics.

License Termination or Lapse

Thirty (30) days after expiration date apply as new license via NIPR


Licensing Fee$185
Fingerprinting Fee$38.25
Amendment fee$50.00 per application.
Affiliation fee $50.00 per affiliation
Renewal fee $185
Late renewal fee $185+62.50


Carson City Office
788 Fairview Drive, Suite 300, Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone: 775-687-4270
Fax: 775-687-3937

Las Vegas Office 2501 East Sahara Avenue, Suite 302, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
Phone: 702-486-4009
Fax: 702-486-4007


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